Be part of the Green Revolution

Check our sponsorship opportunities here: we are happy if you sponsor us with any amount. We would also like to give something of value in return.

Why ‘cycle courier’?
  • Cyclists are faster: No traffic jams, no parking problems, no stress. Delivery within 60 minutes from the moment the order has been placed.
  • Cycling is eco-friendly: Zero-emission, no carbon footprint, no horrible gases, doesn't generate traffic and noise. We keep it green!
  • We are promoting fitness and cycling culture: We will stand as ambassadors for the cycling culture promoting safe and responsible cycling.
  • It is cost effective: This is cheapest way to get something delivered this fast. We don't need fuel, expensive car insurances, MOT, road tax. 
  • We are flexible: People’s needs are different from delivering packages through sending gifts to friends or family, to getting lunch delivered to the office. If we can help, we will.
  • We are professional: It’s not just a cyclist’s daydreaming. There is a rock-solid business plan behind the great idea. This will guarantee the safety of the deliveries, the cyclist, and the effectiveness of the service. We are standing on the shoulder of giants: we learned a lot from the best cycle courier services in large European cities. We are not compromising the quality of our service and are willing to put the effort, time and money into it to build something really professional.  

A bit about us

David: Never sits still, a real movement fanatic. He’s a very energetic and playful person. Very friendly and social and is completely in love with his bicycle. He is a strength and rehabilitation trainer whenever he is not cycling. He went through a big change from being seriously overweight to losing over 100 pounds. He can thank this to cycling, martial arts and strength training. For him cycling is not only a ‘fitness thing’, it is also the only way of transport in the city and also a way of life. As a cycle courier he wants to share the message with the world: ‘everyone can be fit, all you need is to change your attitude’. As a cyclist he has a real respect for nature.

Nat: This would be me. I am MSc Biologist / Ecologist, Divemaster, fitness instructor, coach and enthusiastic cyclist. As a Biologist, I understand the importance of protecting our environment and I also know how I can do the most to contribute to a greener Belfast. The reason why I decided to do this project was that I want to give something of value to the people around me. I want to leave my ‘green footprint’ (or in this case more like green track) in Belfast. I bring my business experience into this project to make sure it blooms and maybe it induces changes in people’s minds too: I secretly hope that if Belfast people see us, they will leave their cars at home and cycle more.
Money well spent...

As I wrote before, we aim to be a professional service. And for a professional service we will need professional equipment.
  • Every cyclist needs appropriate safety gear: helmets, high-visibility clothing, lights.
  • In rainy Belfast, most definitely waterproofs!
  • And a backup set of everything, especially helmets.
  • We don't want to get lost so we need navigation devices too. And headsets to safely communicate on the go.
  • To ensure the safety of the deliveries, we'll need proper heavy-duty messenger bags.
  • We don't want a puncture or a broken screw to stop us so we'll carry spare tubes and repair tools around. And who knows, we might even be able to help out cyclists who got a wheel punctured in the middle of nowhere.
  • Advertisement is another important part of starting up any business. We need to get the word out there about ourselves. We prefer to introduce ourselves in person, but Belfast is big and we want everyone to know about this possibility. We will also need some business cards, flyers and some space in the local papers and on the web. A website is essential, and we'd rather spend some money on having a professional-looking one than having something that is not first class.
We would like to use the best bags, best safety equipment, best people to ensure the safety of the cyclist and of the package. Where possible we source everything from responsible suppliers, small local businesses who use a lot of recycled material and create the best quality gear there is.
And what we offer...

Fund us with £5 and we'll thank you: you will be visible on our site as our sponsor for a year. We'll also give 50% off from your first delivery order.

With a funding of £10 we'll send you a thank you card plus you can try our delivery service in Belfast for FREE as our way of saying 'thank you'. Believe me, it might come in VERY handy at some point. We'll thank you on the site's sponsor list as well.

If you sponsor us with £20: A gift, delivered. If you ever wanted to surprise someone, here is your chance. Tell us when is the Big Day and we will deliver a really personal gift straight to their doorstep. Obviously you will be there on our sponsor page too.

For generous sponsors offering £50: We'll send you (or to someone who is important to you) a BIG GIFT PACK. Plus 20% off all our services for a year! All deliveries and more... Have we mentioned that we are kettlebell trainers too? Yes, the discount is valid for all our classes and personal training sessions as well. For the entire year.

We have corporate sponsorship opportunities as well: For a £100 offering we'll keep your company advertised. Our messenger bags and bikes have massive spaces where we can stick your company logo (just like on the buses, but we don't smell that bad). We are always out and about, busy with deliveries. Hundreds of people see us on the road every day. Therefore hundreds of people will see your adverts that we carry around every day. For one month. If you're not a company, we'll keep a 'Thank you' sign with your name on our bags. PLUS the 20% discount for the year.

For corporate sponsors offering £200, we offer a leaflet distribution service with leaflets included. You can decide what goes on the front and the back of the leaflets. We help you design it if you need us to. And we'll get them out in your preferred area. 1000 leaflets including distribution. PLUS your company logo will be there on the courier bags for a month. And as a VIP you are eligible for the 20% discount for a year.

We are happy to have a chat with anyone who has any questions or would like to have a discussion with us on our idea. So feel free to ask, to get in touch on facebook, to email or to send a letter via cycle courier!